Sunday, January 22, 2012

I love photos!!!  Love taking them, love displaying them....just LOVE them!!!  So I have decided to make me a canvas B&W collage.  This is just the start of it.  I hope to soon add some different sizes as time allows.  I will post more pics as I add them.

I started out with a picture I had took a few years ago and edited it to B&W and into a 8x10 (Walmarts $2.99 hour service), some black craft paint $1.27, pack of sponge brushes $1.00, bottle of Mod Podge and a canvas board  2 for $5.95 (actually I mixed the pics up...some on flat canvas and some of the wooden canvas).

I covered my canvas in Mod Podge and also the back on my photo.  Placed it on the canvas...wait a few...let dry then used the black paint around the outer edge of the canvas and around my picture to give it a tinted look...waited over night....shew that was hard because I was so excited to get to the finished project  :)  Next morning I covered the photo with a thin layer of Mod Podge.  Let dry then started hanging.

I forgot to take pictures of the rest of them before I started but this is the project in progress...I put her ultrasound picture then going to add some of her when she was young then more of her now.

Keep checking back for my complete finished project.

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