Monday, February 6, 2012

Photos...the way the World really looks

I love taking pictures...(not with me in them though  LOL).  Just ask my daughter.  She gets so annoyed with me because I always have my camera by my side and when I got a new one for Christmas she was like "Okay who do I get to whip for getting her this?"  :P    And not only do I like to take pictures I love editing to.  And I was so upset when I found out Picnik was shutting down in April  :*(    So guess I will be looking for a new program to use for editing.  Thought about Photoshop but it scares me  LOL  Not sure I am computer-savy to adventure there  LOL.  Any-who here are a few photos that I have taken and edited.

More pics I took today...I love taking pictures